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About  Leon's  Lasting Legacy

Leon's Lasting Legacy was founded by Sandra with the blessing of  his family in 2018. This was created from the unimaginable pain and anguish that a family  should never experience.


 Leon Barrett-Hazel was murdered in January 2018 as he headed home on a bus, he was murdered in an unprovoked frenzied attack He had just turned 38 years of age a couple of weeks previously and had started a new job. During this traumatic, dark  and extremely difficult period, unwavering support and help was accessible to Leon's family in many forms. Leon's family saw justice being served to life six months later.


Sandra, however did not want Leon to be remembered for how he passed but what he contributed when he was alive. Leon could walk into a room of strangers and have them all laughing within minutes, he really did light up anywhere he went. The outpouring expressed by his friends, work colleagues - present and past, local community and strangers alike. He enjoyed learning, engaging with  others regardless of race, background, religion etc.


Leon’s Lasting Legacy believes in preventative action, early intervention and pro-activeness rather than re-activeness when addressing social issues. In turn this empowers to educate and encourage those in our communities who feel disconnected, isolated and disengaged to seek or receive support.


Sandra wants to ensure that Leon’s lasting legacy is in the business of changing lives for the better.  Working collaboratively with other organisations, the aims for the individual/group to be 

empowered, improve and create opportunities to readdress a healthier life balance. Various  products and services are available under the umbrella of Ausar Services. 





In Memory of Leon Barrett-Hazel

A brother, nephew, grandson, uncle, cousin, friend, colleague. 

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