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About pHure Holistics

Sandra has always leaned into spirituality from a young age Her awareness of her intuitive abilities  have grown with her life experiences. Sandra believes that people should be seen, heard and validated.


Sandra's professional career includes: Youth and community worker, Project manager,and owes a lot to its presence during challenging and difficult times.  Mental Health Nurse and a reservist Which is indicative of her ability to build a therapeutic rapport with others without judgement. On reflection Sandra has identified that whilst trying to be what other people expected her to be within  these roles , she was not being true to herself as well as spiritually aligned with herself.


Once Sandra acknowledged this, she then began to notice a shift in her abilities.

 Sandra accepted the responsibility of such transitioning into her true authentic self   when finally she was able to become aligned with her core values and identity in which she sits firmly with.Sandra has learnt from her lived experiences  (both professional and personal) that   self healing is a journey. 


In 2015  after experiencing a burnout, lots of self reflection and final acknowledgement of her spiritual abilities after years of denying them and deciding to start rebuilding herself from inside out, started to identify what she would require to  build her toolkit .

When she walked into a shop called Equinox  (spiritual and well-being based shop), Sandra felt at peace, a sense of belonging and that she was were she needed to be. 

The connection was made and so began her learning and training with Equinox Training and Therapy Center for many years.


Sandra went on to complete accredited training in a number of courses at Equinox Therapy & Training Centre.   These include:

· Angel Oracle Card Reader

· Beginner’s Psychic Development ·

· Advanced Psychic Development ·

· USUI  Reiki  1st Degree,  2nd Degree and 3rd Degree in  Master/Teacher ·

· The Pats Garden – Art/Oracle Reading; Level 1, 2, 3 ·

Sandra feels that her spiritual journey has been a life time and still is but now that she has embraced her abilities and skills within the  Holistic Therapies  sector with spirituality being the nucleus of those services, she has feels more aligned within her greater purpose.


Sandra believes that just like a phoenix arising from the ashes, an individual can excel from their lived experiences, challenges and adversities with the right support and guidance to the point that they then can fly solo, empowered, resilient and ready to soar once more.  



Sandra Patterson (IPHM)

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