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"For the past 2 years, I have been privileged to support We Shall Tell Their Story during the Black History Month by mobilising a team of Army volunteers to virtually share their various stories, highlighting how they have all overcome all the barriers and challenges faced and attained success in their various endeavours.

All volunteers collectively impacted values and virtues to these young school children who are the future generation. We had volunteers serving overseas who also joined in this worthy course to inspire these young children.

This engagement has been the most fulfilling to all of us, the sense of fulfilment derived from realising that we are actively inspiring and contribution to the shaping of the future generation was immense.

I once again use this medium to thank all my colleagues serving personnel who have participated in these two events and to the organisers, for allowing us to inspire these future leaders.

We look forward to supporting future activities."


N.E - Army Multicultural Network - March 2022


"It's always amazing to see our students engage in activities outside of the curriculum. 

The Community Engagement Team of the Army Reserves has always been a fantastic opportunity for our students to get involved in. The Staff work really well with the students and formed some positive relationships quite quickly, giving them the opportunity to  learn new skills. We look forward to continuing this working relationship in the future, offering our students the opportunities to develop skills around team work, confidence building and the experiences of contributing to community events".

L.E - Student Support Officer at Heath Park  Secondary School - March 2022


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